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I Support It! The Brand - Supports The People of Portland

Author: Kateshia Pendergrass
Date:Fri Dec 10 2021

I met Jevon on a Mercatus (@mercatuspdx) Headshot day photoshoot. An imposing figure with a kind spirit and a handsome face, we spoke about his origin story in South Carolina and what brought him to Portland. We also talked about how his clothing business, I Support it! The Brand (@isupportit_the_brand), was started and his ingenuity that made it prosper. An extremely successful year led Jevon to give back to his community in so many ways. One of the most creative is the burger drop! In an effort to combat the hunger of Portland’s houseless, Jevon purchases burgers and hands them out to those in need. A beautiful gesture that caught on. Not publicizing this himself, he inspired others to participate and is now leading a movement! Truly, someone to follow. Check out Jevon’s business and humanitarianism.

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