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Rosa Parks

Author: Kateshia Pendergrass
Date:Thu Mar 04 2021

Rosa Parks was an extraordinary figure, who sacrificed everything for a movement she hoped would change the lives of her people. In the end, she did change our lives, and her life and livelihood were forever compromised. We tend to think the people who risked everything to make change also enjoy the change they made, but, more often than not, those who risk everything, are lucky if they even get to see the change in others' lives. In fact, they are often forever harmed despite their sacrifice. I created this homage to Rosa Parks on December 1, 2018, sixty-three years after that memorable day, to celebrate her refusal to give up her seat, because she had decided it was worth it to give up so much more.

I knew someone had to take the first step and I made up my mind not to move.
- Rosa Parks

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