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Branding Photography - DorsumTech, Technology That Helps You Move Better

Author: Kateshia Pendergrass
Date:Wed Jun 30 2021

Leo Ochoa is full of brilliant ideas and created DorsumTech (@dorsumtech) to combat career-ending back injuries. I love when clients come in prepared! Leo came with several looks for his Mercatus (@mercatuspdx) Headshot Day Photoshoot, that showed different sides of his personality and his business. As a tech entrepreneur, Leo is multi-faceted, and he wanted his headshots to reflect that. In the end we narrowed it down to his two favorite looks, but the discovery of which images to put forth was such a treat. Leo had such respect for the creative process of a headshot that I really enjoyed working with him. He even came back for a product session to capture images of his creations. I love the full service branding sessions when I can capture the client, and their creations. Here is what we created.

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