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Author: Kateshia Pendergrass
Date:Wed Mar 03 2021

So, I entered a local photo competition in 2018 and was quickly torn apart. I was told the technical portion of my entry was poor and didn’t make sense, and that I should keep shooting and try again.

I was thankful for the critique, but didn’t feel like my artistic choices were respected. Although, technically, the composites were certainly not perfect, were they poor…were they? Well, what I came to understand is that just because a photo is sentimental to you, doesn’t mean that it will resonate with anyone else, and that the technical portion is most important because it gives the viewer an opportunity to look at the photo instead of the mistakes. So, I am embarking again to enter another photo contest, but this time on the national level. I have quite a bit of work ahead of me. Wish me luck!

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